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What We Offer

Landcrafters is committed to quality and creating landscapes that not only stand the test of time, but continue to look better as they age. We are your go-to source for any landscaping project big or small, from transplanting that arborvitae to transforming your entire property with a new two-tier stone patio, lawn, and accompanying gardens.

Design and Build

From the conception to the design to the finishing touches, Landcrafters can execute every step of the landscape you’ve always imagined for your home. Starting with a complimentary initial consultation, our experienced landscape designers will listen to you and work with you to develop the perfect outdoor living space to compliment your home. From there, our professional draftsperson can plot the design, allowing you to see exactly how your new yard will look and giving you control over changes before any work begins. Collaborating with you at every junction, Landcrafters delivers exceptional, professional design and execution of any project.


Stone as part of the landscape is our passion. We strive to create natural-looking installations that blend with their surroundings, leaving the space more beautiful while not over-worked. Paths, patios, steps, walkways, walls, benches, seating areas, retaining walls, pillar supports, bridges, veneer, driveway edging, sculpting, hidden stone well caps, and fire pits and fireplaces are all part of our repertoire, and no stone project is beyond our capability.

Drainage and Erosion Control

We are certified by the Department of Environmental Protection to safely and effectively prevent erosion along shorelines and other susceptible areas, as well as relieve drainage issues around houses and wherever needed.

Speciality Pruning and Year-Round Tree Care

We employ licensed arborists and have years of experience with complete tree care, specializing in fruiting trees and ornamentals. From the initial planting of a new tree to maintaining a clear view of the water through your trees to the regular pruning required to produce yearly fruiting and general plant health, Landcrafters can provide detailed and professional “fussing” over your trees. We also have experience transplanting trees and shrubs of all sizes.

Plants and Gardens

Our garden specialists have experienced working knowledge of plants, both native and non-native to Maine, and can provide you with the varieties and species that will thrive on your specific property. Designing a beautiful garden not only involves arranging plants, but requires an expert knowledge of bloom times, growth patterns, and habitat preferences. Let our knowledge and experience help bring your dream gardens to life.

Organic and Sustainable Principles

We care deeply about the Earth and strive to impact the natural order of things as little as possible. We not only care about the health of our planet, but about the health of our employees, our clients, their children, grandchildren, pets, and anyone else who will be enjoying the landscape work we do. We only use organic and natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and solutions for pests and weeds.

Driveway Installation and Maintenance

We can clear and construct a driveway for your new house, and if your existing driveway is in need of repair or total replacement, we can help. Regrading, resurfacing, paver installation, edging, drainage, gravel spreading and compacting are all services we offer. In the winter we can also plow your driveway and remove snow from paths, decks and roofs.

Total Carpentry Services

Our trained and experienced carpenters build custom decks, boardwalks, pergolas, gates, fences, railings, gutters, and anything else that can add that finishing touch to your dream landscape.

Organic Lawn Installation and Care

We install new lawns from scratch with sod, seed or hydroseeding, and if your existing lawn needs work, you’ve come to the right place. Grading, patching, overseeding, aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, mowing, edging, pest control…anything your lawn could ever need, we can do it.

Estate Maintenance

It takes work to keep a nicely landscaped yard looking pristine, but it’s that sort of detail-oriented care at which we excel. Deadheading, cutting back perennials, spreading mulch, raking, view pruning, plant winterization…let our estate maintenance crew keep your yard looking exception exceptional!

Outdoor Kitchens

We install complete, custom-designed outdoor kitchens based on our client’s specifications that can take your yard to the next level. Extend your time outside during the beautiful Maine summers and get the maximum enjoyment out of your yard.